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By His Grace

Defense Minister has Maharaj-ji's Darshan

When I first went to Kainchi the construction of the main buildings was over, but there were few bathrooms and latrines. For his morning toilet, Babaji used to go into the fields, several furlongs away. Moti Ram and I would accompany him in the jeep. After finishing his toilet, Babaji would sometimes sit by the river; then returning to the road he would sit on the parapet giving darshan.

Maharaj-ji Appears as Hanuman-ji

Then, of course, there was another type of darshan. One day in the early sixties, Babaji came out of his room and he looked like Hanuman. I had heard from so many devotees that Babaji was an incarnation of Hanuman, but Didi and I still had our doubts. The next day, Maharajji asked Didi to scratch his back. She found his body to be so bulky, so big, that she was actually perspiring while trying to reach her hand across his back.

About Murtis

From the beginning at Kainchi, Maharajji had the Hanuman temple, a Lakshmi-Narayana temple, and a Shiva temple. Much later a Devi temple was built. He told me, "Dada, the people in the hills do not accept and worship Hanumanji as God. They say he is nothing but 'monkey, monkey' They are devotees of the goddess, Devi. So long as there is not a Devi temple in the ashram, many will not come. But there is a difficulty in that the people often sacrifice goats in their Devi puja " So he had a Devi temple built there, but it was called Vaishnavi Devi, the devi that does not touch meat or take sacrifice.

Controller General

In Allahabad, near Rambagh Station, there was an old Hanuman temple. Maharajji used to call the Hanuman murti there "Controller General" He often sent people to see it, saying, "Go and meet Controller General." It was a very old temple on a high pedastal with narrow stairs and not much space, so a new temple was proposed. Ojhaji was on the committee, along with Mr. Barghav, and they came to discuss the project with Babaji. They thought there should be a new murti also, but Babaji said, "No, no. No other murti. Take thisHanumanji there' "

Car Crash in Chitrakut

In March 1972, two days before the Holi celebrations, Babaji told me, "Ask your friend to engage a taxi for us. We start for Amarkantak tomorrow morning at six. The taxi must be suitable for a long journey." My friend returned in the evening saying the taxi had been engaged. Babaji told him the taxi was not a good one, but he argued that it was indeed praiseworthy.

The taxi arrived the next morning. Siddhi Didi, Jivanti, Ganesh and I were ready. While getting into the taxi Babaji said, "It is not the right taxi " The driver and the others argued, "There is nothing wrong with it" We all got in and started.

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