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Lilas of Maharajji

The Lilas of Maharajji Section of contains book reports, stories from books about the lilas (Play of the Gods) of Neem Karoli Baba / Neeb Karori Baba, and stories about Maharajji's lilas that are not in any books.

A Favor to Ishwar Chandra

Maharaj brought Ishwar Chandra Tewari with him from Kanpur to Kainchi and made him stay for a month. Tewari's economic condition was not good. He worked for the Milk Board and had a large family. He had the responsibility of the marriages of his daughters, and his family was not able to arrange for provisions in his absence. After receiving a pathetic letter from home, he was weeping quietly in his room at the ashram when his friend Bhagwati Sevak Bajpai of Kanpur came and asked why he was crying. Tewari showed him the letter and told him about the situation. Bajpai kept quiet, but some time later he went into Baba's kuti. On seeing him Baba said, "Tewari is weeping? Received a letter from home? Fetch it and show it to me." Bajpai went to Tewari's room to get the letter.

Take Rest

Jagmohan Sharma, an executive engineer, came to see Baba upon being transferred from Nainital to Agra. When his wife asked Baba to go with them, Baba said, "I will meet you in Agra." As Baba had not asked their address, she took his words lightly. However, when Sharma became very ill in Agra, Baba went to his house in order to relieve him of his worry. He told Sharma again and again to stop worrying. After some time Baba got ready to leave. In spite of their earnest plea, Baba would not stay and said, "As long as I stay here you will remain sitting. You need to rest. Now take rest."

A Lost Mother Found

In July 1972 the wife of Jagannath Anand of Haldwani was suffering from mental health problems and wandered away from her house. In spite of a heavy search, no one could find her. Someone said that she was seen in Kanpur, but after searching there, they still did not find her.

Anand had four daughters. Sarla, the second one, had contracted polio as a child and was disabled, but she moved about by dragging herself along the ground. She was feeling sad because of her mother's disappearance, so she decided to speak her heart to Baba. While her family was devoted to Baba and she had heard a lot about him, Sarla had never been able to see him because of her disability. Nevertheless, she took a bus to Kainchi ashram by herself one day. It was dark by the time she dragged herself into the ashram, and when she found out that Baba was in Bhumiadhar not Kainchi, she became very disappointed. It was cold and had been raining heavily in the hills, so an ashram attendant gave her a blanket and showed her a place on the veranda. However, he would not open a room for her without Baba's permission.

After a little while, at about 8 p.m., Baba arrived at the ashram. First he scolded the attendants, saying that they had killed his daughter in the cold. He then got a room opened immediately and made a bed for her to rest. Sarla wanted to tell him about her problem, but Baba made her eat a meal and then rest. He said, "Tomorrow we will talk." The next day when she told Baba about her mother, he said, "Don't worry. Leave your worries. Your mother will be found. Your father is spending a lot of money unnecessarily in trying to find her. She will be found without going in search of her." Baba sent Sarla off.

No one knows how her mother reached Balrampur in the district of Gonda, but one day as she was passing by a shop, the wealthy shopkeeper saw a woman of good family in a pitiable condition and felt compassion for her. He took her home to his family, who bathed her and gave her clean new clothes to wear. They disentangled her knotted hair and got the wounds on her head treated in the local hospital. While she was recovering from her wounds, she herself gave her Haldwani address in a moment of lucidity. The shopkeeper wrote to his son-in-law, who had a factory in Haldwani, and asked him to inform the woman's family. Sarla's father received the good news on 31 August 1972 and immediately went to Gonda to bring her home in the beginning of September.

Farewell to Swami Ji

A swami wearing silken robes was going to Kathgodam by car and stopped at Kainchi ashram on his way. He went in to meet Baba, who received him cordially and giving him a seat by his side, made him have food. After a long, pleasant conversation, Baba bade him farewell with tears in his eyes and gratified the swami with his affectionate behavior. The swami got into the car and was driven away. After he had gone, a devotee wanted to know the reason for Baba's exceptional behavior towards him. Baba said, "His time was up. I sent him off with love." The swami traveled for barely an hour en route to Kathodam when he suddenly had a heart attack and died.

Farewell to a Devotee

One evening Baba came to the house of Ramesh Chandra Bannerjee, the president of Government College, Nainital, and went on talking late into the night. At one point Baba suddenly covered himself with his blanket and sobbed. His behavior stunned everyone. Baba then got up to leave the house, but Ramesh's son Sushital, who was a young man at the time, said to Baba, "I will not let you go alone so late at night. If you have to go now, let me accompany you." Baba kept quiet, and the two of them went from Nainital to Bhowali Sanatorium on foot. They went into a room where Baba's devotee was lying sick. The man offered pranaam to Baba with folded hands, and shedding tears of love, he said, "Baba, I have just remembered you. It was my desire that I should see you before I die." Maharaj did not speak and looked at him with eyes full of tears. The devotee was immersed in joy, and his face brightened in contentment. He slowly closed his eyes and died in Baba's presence.

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