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Lilas of Maharajji

The Lilas of Maharajji Section of contains book reports, stories from books about the lilas (Play of the Gods) of Neem Karoli Baba / Neeb Karori Baba, and stories about Maharajji's lilas that are not in any books.

Disappointment Turned to Joy

One day Ram Dutt Pandey received news that Baba had arrived in Haldwani, so he went there to have his darshan. On his arrival he discovered that he had been misinformed and became very disappointed. He bought some things for his shop and then boarded a bus to return to Nainital. The bus was about to leave when a taxi suddenly stopped next to it. Maharaj and some devotees got out and boarded the same bus for Nainital. Pandy's disappointment turned into a happy reunion.

Destiny Appeased

Ram Ratan Verma's daughter was of marriageable age, but the planet Mars was in the seventh house of her horoscope. The astrologers predicted that if the groom were not a Mangali (particular astrological sign) boy, their married life would not last more than four years. Verma was not able to find such a groom, so her marriage remained unsettled.

Telephone Baba

Maharajji with Telephone BabaBaba's devotee Dr. Naval Kishore was the gynecologist at Agra Medical College until he received a post at Ramsay Hospital in Nainital. Some time after he arrived, Baba asked him to treat the hill women at Hanumangarh, which he did daily from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. One day Naval Kishore could not go to work. Baba had been away from Nainital but returned to Hanumangarh that day. He asked the reason for the doctor's absence, but nobody could tell him. That evening, while walking around with some devotees, Baba stopped near the Empire Hotel and asked, "Where does the doctor live?" When a devotee pointed to the hotel, Baba sent someone inside to call the doctor. He came out, and Baba said to him, "You are ill?" When the doctor said no, he then said, "You have a cold?" The doctor replied, "Just an ordianary cold." Baba immediately called a dandi and told the doctor to get himself admitted into Ramsay Hospital.


Anger, a Saving Grace

Baba advised Devi Prasad Pande to get an operation performed by Dr. B.C. Pande at Ramsay Hospital. Devi Prasad Pande did as Baba advised, but his condition worsened in spite of all the doctor's efforts. All the members of his family were worried, and in anguish, his wife went to Kainchi ashram. When Baba saw her there, he became very angry. He hit her on her back with his fists and told her to get out of the ashram. She was not able to tell him her tale of woe and left disappointed. By the time she reached Nainital, the doctor had declared her husband out of danger, and his condition slowly improved. The display of anger by Baba was a saving grace that absolved them of that karma.

Insanity Cured

The officer in charge of Banda's main police station ate something given to him by someone that made him insane. The boy's father was worried and sad, for no treatment proved effective. Impressed by the fame of an ayurvedic physician in Firozabad, he took his son to Radhay Shyam's house and called the doctor. After much deliberation the physician gave him a medicine and said that if there was no change in his condition after three months of taking it, he would have to be admitted to a mental hospital. During this period Maharaj arrived, and Radhay Shyam asked him to cure the police officer. Baba put his hand on the boy's head, looked at him in a normal way, and did not say anything. It was by Baba's divine glance and touch that the boy became normal by the time he woke up the next morning.

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