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Lilas of Maharajji

The Lilas of Maharajji Section of contains book reports, stories from books about the lilas (Play of the Gods) of Neem Karoli Baba / Neeb Karori Baba, and stories about Maharajji's lilas that are not in any books.

A Husband's Plea

Shrimati Savitri Devi suffered from liver trouble for about two and a half years. Her health became so run down that she had to be admitted to Crosswait Hospital. There her condition worsened, and the doctors lost hope. Her husband, Ramesh Chandra Choudhry, went straight to Baba at Kainchi ashram and falling at his feet said, "Whether you save her or you let her die, I am now helpless." Baba said, "To die is not a child's play. Your wife will live for a long time. The doctors tell a lie." Baba then picked up a flower and gave it to Choudhry saying, "Give this to your wife." Taking the flower with him, Choudhry went to the hospital and placed the flower on his wife's head. Savitri's condition slowly improved, and when she recovered completely, she returned home.

A Way of Showing Kindness

A beggar was chanting God's name with japa mala (rosary) near Bihari ji's (Krishna's) temple in Vridaban. The sun had risen high in the sky, and he was sad that he still had not received any alms. Baba, who could read one's thoughts, saw him and at once went and sat by him. The beggar mumbled that he had not had anything since morning and now Baba was coming to grab a share. Baba, with a violent jerk, snatched the rosary out of his hands and began chanting with it himself. The beggar became angry, but Baba went on calmly counting the beads. Having blessed the beggar by using his rosary, Baba returned it to him. After that the man's condition improved. He was seen around Bihari ji's temple, but he was not begging any more.

Baba Assures a Long Life

The wife of Thakur Shiv Singh of Ramgarh, Nainital, once met a holy man from the hill region who was known to make true predictions by reading the palm. When he read Shrimati Singh's palm, he did not say anything. After much persuasion he told her that she would die in a big hospital within six months. Despite being young and healthy, his prophecy frightened her. Thakur, a great devotee of Maharaj, was also worried and went to Kainchi with his wife. As soon as Baba saw them, he said, "What did the holy man tell you?" Without waiting for a reply, he said, "That you would die withing six months?" He repeated it again before all the devotees present and at last said with emphasis, "She won't die earlier than age seventy-five." The event predicted by the palm reader did not take place.

The Marriage of Kutul's Daughter

Kutul supplied milk to Church Lane, Allahabad, where Maharaj often stayed. Kutul had seen a boy that he wanted his daughter to marry, but he could not go ahead with the arrangements for the ceremony since he did not have the money. One day he put his problem before Maharaj and asked him for his blessing. Baba said, "Get the marriage performed as soon as possible." In spite of his circumstances, he had faith in Baba and got the date of the marriage fixed for the first available day. The worry about the money, however, remained the same.

Baba's Generosity

Baba was at his small ashram in Bhumiadhar when a poor man brought him milk in a clean glass with great affection. The cloth he had used to cover the glass, however, was very dirty. Seeing the cloth, none would have liked to drink that milk. Nevertheless, Baba took that glass very eagerly in his hand and removing the dirty piece of cloth, drank the milk very lovingly. The generous Baba saw the feelings of that man and ignored the unclean cloth.

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