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Sri Durga Chalisa

Sri Durga Chalisa Transliteration

(1) namo namo durge sukha karani
namo namo ambe duhkha harani

(2) nirankara hai jyoti tumhari
tihu loka phaili ujiyari

(3) sasi lalata mukha mahabisala
netra lala bhrkuti vikarala.

(4) rupa matu kau adhika suhavai
darasa karata jana ati sukha pava


Sri Durga Chalisa English

I bow, I bow, to the Reliever of Difficulties, Cause of Happiness.
I bow, I bow, to the Mother who takes away all pain [1]

Your light illuminates all darkness,
your brightness extends over the three worlds [2]

With the moon on your forehead your face is tremendous.
When you frown with red eyes it is terribly frightening. [3]

In the form of Mother it is extremely pleasing,
and those who see you in this way receive the greatest pleasure. [4]