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Sri Guru Vandana

Shri Guru Vandana/Arati English

O my Gurudev, Ocean of Compassion, please cast your grace on me.
I am unworthy, dependent, and without shelter. Now please grant me refuge.

I am drowning in the middle of this ocean of mundane existence.
I have no one else in this world to help me but you.

Shri Guru Vandana/Arati Transliteration

ai mere gurudeva karuna sindhu karuna kijiye (2x)

hu adhama adhina asharana, aba sharana me lijiye, ai...

Sri Guru Vandana Transliteration

Sri Guru Vandana is sung at beginning of Vinaya Chalisa

Ban-da-u gu-ru pa-da kan-ja, kri-pa sind-hu na-ra-ru-pa hare

Ma-ha-mo-ha ta-ma pun-ja, ja-su ba-cha-na ra-vi ka-ra ni-ka-ra

Ban-da gu-ru pa-da pa-du-ma pa-ra-ga, au-ru-chi su-va-sa sa-ra-sa anu-ra-ga

Ami-a mu-ri-ma-ya chu-ra-na cha-ru, sa-ma-na sa-ka-la bha-va ru-ja pa-ri-va-ru


Sri Guru Vandana English

I bow to the lotus feet of my guru, who is an ocean of mercy and is Sri Hari in human form

Whose words are sunbeams for dispersing the mass of darkness of gross ignorance

I greet the pollen-like dust of the lotus feet of my guru, refulgent, fragrant, and flavored with love

It is a lovely powder of the life giving herb which allays the host of attendant ills of mundane existence.