A Divine Cure

Baba Neeb Karori MaharajjiShrimati Mehrotra was suffering from a painful case of angina pectoris.

The doctors tried their best, but her condition was quickly deteriorating.

Maharaj was in Kanpur.

Describing the condition of Shrimati Mehrotra to his devotees, he said, "If something happens to her, who will feed me?"

Maharaj went at once to Mehrotra ji's house in Lucknow and found Shrimati Mehrotra unconscious.

Baba touched his toe to her forehead, and at about midnight, she opened her eyes.

Baba gave her prasad to eat and her condition improved.

Baba stayed at Mehrotra ji's house for nine days on this occasion.

When Shrimati Mehrotra had recovered completely, Baba left after eating food prepared by her.