Shimla - Sankatamocana Hanuman Temple

🌍 Bagh, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh 171010, India
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Ashram History

This remote mountain temple was begun many years ago by Maharajji.

A few years ago this temple underwent a major renovation.

A new Neem Karoli Baba murti was made in Jaipur. The mandir of this Maharajji murti has a wonderful, high view of all the surrounding area.

At the entrance to this very special temple grounds is a very good Ganesh Temple with wonderful carvings on the outer walls.

Inauguration of the new Maharajji murti was done at Hanuman Jayanti, 1999. There are no accommodations in this ashram at this time.

Sankatamocana Hanuman Temple is located on Rte NH-22.

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