Delhi Ashram

🌍 Mandi Road, Jonapur Village, Mehrauli, New Delhi 110047
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📞 Local Telephone: 6801702
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🙏🏻 Manager: Mr. Vivek Tiwari

Daily Schedule

Morning and evening arati.

Ashram History

Delhi Ashram has many murtis, including the second biggest Annapoorna Mandir in India with a series of delightful bells to be rung as devotees climb the stairs up and also on the way down. Delhi Ashram is noted for its spirit of giving. This ashram has created a hospital and two schools. This ashram feeds schoolchildren every day. In January 2001, a large new goshala (dairy) was inaugurated here.

This ashram is the source of many photos and books about Maharajji. Maharajji's Delhi Ashram is about one half hour drive southwest of New Delhi to Mehrauli. Outside of Mehrauli you go to Jonapur on Mandi Road past the farms and the village about 2 km on the left.

Maharajji inaugurated this ashram in the summer shortly before His mahasamadhi in 1973. The saint Madrasi Baba took his mahasamadhi at this ashram.

Morning and evening arati is performed. This ashram has Beautiful Gardens.

Some westerners have been permitted to stay in this ashram. The ashram must be contacted far in advance and you must have a letter of introduction to stay in the ashram. You may visit daily at any time, but temples are closed from 12 to 4PM.

Photo Gallery (34 photos)

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