A Few Quotes

Neem Karoli Baba Maharajji"They came to fight with me. They wanted to burn the temple building. I knew what they were after and took up their challenge. If you had seen their condition you would have laughed. They ran for their lives and many of them soiled their trousers. Fools - they do not know me. Bigger battles I have fought and won. How could they know my strength? They are all fools."

 "Dada, do not get angry - this is samsara, this is samsara. You are worried about my food, but they do not bother about it. Nobody comes to me for my own needs. Everyone is busy with himself."

"Prayer and worship should be done by everyone, every day, as the highest obligatory duty to God; visiting temples and pilgrimages should be undertaken only under favorable conditions and suitable times. They are not essential for your worship and religious duties, whereas prayers and pujas are, and must be done in some form or other."