A Husband's Plea

Shrimati Savitri Devi suffered from liver trouble for about two and a half years. Her health became so run down that she had to be admitted to Crosswait Hospital.

There her condition worsened, and the doctors lost hope.

Her husband, Ramesh Chandra Choudhry, went straight to Baba at Kainchi ashram and falling at his feet said, "Whether you save her or you let her die, I am now helpless."

Baba said, "To die is not a child's play. Your wife will live for a long time. The doctors tell a lie."

Baba then picked up a flower and gave it to Choudhry saying, "Give this to your wife."

Taking the flower with him, Choudhry went to the hospital and placed the flower on his wife's head.

Savitri's condition slowly improved, and when she recovered completely, she returned home.