A Promotion Foretold

Sub-Inspector of Police Ram Narain Sinha was very devoted to Maharaj. One day, when he had been in the department for just a few years, Baba asked him to bring a pen and paper.

When he brought it, Baba wrote "Ram, Ram, Ram" all over it. At the end of the page he wrote, "You will become superintentent of police." He then put his thumbprint on it and signed "Baba Nibkarori" underneath.

In those days of British administration it was unthinkable for an Indian junior sub-inspector to rise to the post of superintendent of police. Consequently, Sinha did not believe Baba's written prophecy. Nevertheless, he kept that piece of paper with care.

When India gained independence in 1947, the British officers went back to England, and the Muslim officers opted to go to Pakistan, which created a scarcity of police officers in Uttar Pradesh. In those circumstances Sinha was promoted to superintendent of police.

After continuing in that capacity for more than five years, the government brought forward a scheme whereby officers promoted from the ranks were to be demoted and replaced by newly trained I.P.S. officers.

Sinha was very much upset by this scheme. He was telling his wife that he had better retire or resign rather than serve in such humiliating circumstances, when his attendant came to tell him that there was an ascetic in the street outside who wanted to talk to him. Sinha went out and saw that the ascetic was none other than Baba Nibkarori.

Seeing him, Baba said, "You won't leave the job. I say that none can remove you."

Soon after, Sinha received a government letter stating that in recognition of his meritorious service, his promotion to superintendent was confirmed.