A Six Month Wait

One day in 1955 Maharaj was staying at Birla temple in Delhi, and Radhay Shyam, a dealer in gold and silver in Firozabad, was busy attending to him. He stood at the door all day, directing visitors to Baba's room.

A man who seemed to have no faith in ascetics or temples sat alone at a distance. When Radhay Shyam saw that night was setting in, he asked the man who he was waiting for. The man replied that Birla had advised him to meet Baba. He also said that he wanted to see him alone.

Although Radhay Shyam asked the man to return the next day, he refused to go home. Radhay Shyam explained it all to Baba who said, "Let him sleep in your room. We shall talk tomorrow."

The next day Baba gave darshan to the man. The man told Baba, "My family consists of only three people-my wife, a son and myself. My son has been missing since 1947. I want to know whether he is alive or not. If alive, should I hope to meet him again?"

Maharaj sent him away saying, "Go, you will meet him in six months."

After four months the man began writing letters to Radhay Shyam in Firozabad, expressing his disappointment at the fact that his son had still not returned. Radhay Shyam replied, informing him that Baba had gone to the hills and that his letters could only be delivered on his return. He also requested him not to more unnecessary letters sine the period mentioned by Baba had not yet elapsed. After six months Radhay Shyam received a letter from the man stating that by Baba's grace his son had returned home and that he wasa teacher in Chandigarh. He also requested Baba's address so that he could go to thank him in person.