A Transfer Cancelled

In 1965 Central jail in Agra was vacated so that the prisoners from the Pakistan war could be acommodated.

Bhushan Chandra Joshi was superintendent of the jail.

One day the inspector general of jails was in Agra and told to get ready because he was going to be transferred.

Joshi immediately got his luggage packed.

Later that day he received news that Baba was visiting someone's house in Agra and went there to have darshan.

Upon seeing Joshi, Baba at once said, "Is the I.G. God, that you have packed your luggage on his word? I say go and unpack your luggage. You will not be transferred now."

Joshi was a great devotee, and on returning to his house, he obeyed Baba.

Later he received a written order from the government entrusting him with the supervision of the Pakistani prisoners. he remained in Agra until 1968.