A Twofold Blessing

In 1946 Devkamta Dixit ji had Maharaj ji's darshan with his uncle, Durga Shankar Dixit ji, in Nainital.

Baba told Devkamta Dixit ji, "Stay with your uncle, do not leave him to get yourself treated by a vaidya(ayurvedic physician) or a doctor. Have a long walk everyday and eat a lot of fruit."

Dixit ji was surprised when Baba mentioned his illness. He did not place any importance on Baba's instructions, but he did as Baba told him.

In fact, doctors had thought that he was suffering from a serious illness, but after further tests they found that it was no longer the case.

He recovered quickly and continued to maintain a close relationship with his uncle, who unexpectedly gave him the management of Budhwal Sugar Mills.

In this way Baba blessed him twofold.