A Way of Showing Kindness

A beggar was chanting God's name with japa mala (rosary) near Bihari ji's (Krishna's) temple in Vrindaban.

The sun had risen high in the sky, and he was sad that he still had not received any alms.

Baba, who could read one's thoughts, saw him and at once went and sat by him.

The beggar mumbled that he had not had anything since morning and now Baba was coming to grab a share.

Baba, with a violent jerk, snatched the rosary out of his hands and began chanting with it himself.

The beggar became angry, but Baba went on calmly counting the beads.

Having blessed the beggar by using his rosary, Baba returned it to him.

After that the man's condition improved. He was seen around Bihari ji's temple, but he was not begging any more.