About Bhumiadhar Temple

After this Babaji occasionally visited Hanumangarh. When a trust was formed and the management of the temple was handed over to it, he stopped going there.

Formerly whenever he came, he used to visit Bhumiadhar, a village located by Gethia-Bhumiadhar road. On his arrival there, the same activities as those at Nainital-Haldwani were carried out in each and every house.

On getting the news, the devotees went there from Nainital and Haldwani also. There was a great fan-fare of bhandara, kirtan, devotional songs and of Babaji's benevolent activities. Nights were spent on the road, in the dry watercourses or on the bridges there along with a few devotees.

Then one of the devotees offered Babaji his piece of land for Maharajji a hut on the road- side. A hut was built first and after that the temple was built by his devotees.

A small beautiful murti of Hanuman was installed therein. Babaji every now and then stayed there and began his benevolent activities. From here only he started paying visits to Haldwani, Bareilly, Lucknow and other places. The description of his miraculous deeds performed there is given elsewhere...