Address to Maharajji's photo

Neeb Karori Baba MaharajjiMaharajji often called one devotee, a poor man, to accompany him on long pilgrimages. The devotee always agreed without a complaint, although he often had to borrow money to finance these trips.

Once Maharajji asked him to come to Badrinath. Before leaving, the man pointed to the small picture of Maharajji on their puja table and told his wife that for any reason she wanted to communicate with him while he was gone, she should address herself to Maharajji's photo, since the two would be together.

A few days later, high in the Himalayas, Maharajji suddenly turned to this devotee and said, "Why have you come here ?"

The devotee replied that he he had come at Maharajji's request.

Maharajji said, "At your home there is no dal, no flour, nothing. Your wife is very worried because there is nothing to eat and you are far away. You should have at least provided bread for them to eat !"

But Maharajji's presence had an intoxicating effect upon people. Their worries vanished and they felt that he was taking care of everything for the best. Half an hour after he had berated the devotee for leaving his wife without food, Maharajji shouted out, "Food has come ! They have got food. the Kashmiri mother gave it to them. Don't worry."

When he returned, the devotee questioned his wife. She said that when the food had finally run out she had gone to Maharajji's picture and told him that there was no more food in the house. Within a few minutes a rich neighbour, who treated her like a daughter, came to the house with bags of flour, rice, dal, and so forth. She went to the picture and thanked Maharajji.