All Will Be Set Right

The D.I.G.(deputy inspector general) of police came to Aligarh for an inspection. He was unhappy with the local police because a gang of wire thieves had not been caught. He told them to make an arrest soon.

Baba arrived in Aligarh the same day. The D.I.G., who was a devotee of Baba's, sent Durga Prasad Tewari ina jeep to get Baba. While escorting him, Tewari was thinking of how to arrest the wire thieves, for it was weighing heavily on his mind.

Baba unexpectedly spoke out, "The order to make an arrest has caused you anxiety." Tewari did not understand what Baba was talking about. When Baba repeated his words, he understood that it concerned him.

He replied, "Maharaj, being in service, I have got to worry about my job."

Baba said, "Don't worry. Everything will be set right within three days," and repeated, "Everything will be set right within three days."

The next day a head constable woke Tewari up. They had the three thieves who had cut the wire with them. The police got information about the other wire thieves from them and recovered about fifty kilograms of wire. On the third day the man who had bought the stolen wire was also arrested. Everything was set right in three days.