Amrit Kalash

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A video of pages from a picture album about Shri Maharajji with His great thoughts. Anant koti Baba Neem Karoli ji Maharaj (Shri Neeb Karori ji Maharaj). This opulent book is a complete expression of Love for Maharajji and Maharajji's Love for All. Amrit Kalash includes 48 photo of Shri Maharajji beautifully reproduced with quotations of Maharajji in English and Hindi. Drawn largely from the archives of and archives. Amrit Kalash is an outpouring of love of God in the form of Maharajji. Amrit Kalash also contains information about the available books written about Maharajji as well as photos and information about Maharajji's centers in India and foreign countries. The book appeared in Summer of 2017 in India.

See pages of this book in the video below: