An Unusual Way Of Showing Grace

At Church Lane, Sudhir Mukerjee once showed Baba a calendar from Lucknow depicting Hanuman deep in meditation of Lord Ram. Seeing it, Maharaj said, "Hanuman ji is absorbed in meditative bliss and so am I. Get it framed tomorrow and keep it in the nearby almirah(cupboard)."

I suggested that the picture be placed there the next day accompanied by the recitation of the Sundarkand and the Hanuman Chalisa.

Baba agreed and leaving the task to me, asked me not to tell anyone about it.

It is not clear how and from where many people gathered there on that auspicious occasion since it was not publicised in any way. The bhandara lasted until midnight.

After this celebration I longed to have the same calendar to provide a focus for worship. I looked for it in vain in Allahabad and again when I went home to Lucknow. One day my nephew saw the same calendar in the house of Dr. Har Narayan ingh, a lecturer at D.A.V. Degree College in Lucknow.

My nephew asked Dr. Singh to give the calendar to me, but Dr. Singh said, "I myself am a devotee of Hanuman. I cannot part with this picture of my deity."

That night Hanuman ji appeared in Dr. Singh's dream and ordered him to give his picture, the calendar to me in the morning. He also told him that the outcome  of my worship would also accrue to him.

The next day while I was reading the morning paper in the living room of my home, Dr. Singh arrived and introduced himself to me.

He gave me the calendar and told me about his dream.

Thanking Dr.Singh, I was overwhelmed by Baba's grace. I understood that my desire was not hidden from Maharaj and that it was he who gave darshan to Dr. Singh in the form of Hanuman. After all, he himself is Hanuman.

                                                                                                                               - Rajida