Anger, a Saving Grace

Baba advised Devi Prasad Pande to get an operation performed by Dr. B.C. Pande at Ramsay Hospital.

Devi Prasad Pande did as Baba advised, but his condition worsened in spite of all the doctor's efforts.

All the members of his family were worried, and in anguish, his wife went to Kainchi ashram.

When Baba saw her there, he became very angry. He hit her on her back with his fists and told her to get out of the ashram.

She was not able to tell him her tale of woe and left disappointed. By the time she reached Nainital, the doctor had declared her husband out of danger, and his condition slowly improved.

The display of anger by Baba was a saving grace that absolved them of that karma.