As a Beggar

Neeb Karori Baba MaharajjiAlthough Baba accepted invitations from his devotees to marriages and other such functions, he was never seen to attend these functions in the usual manner.

The devotees believed that one of the advantages of extending an invitation to Baba was that the work was accomplished without any hindrances.

Once a devotee invited Maharaj to attend his son's marriage and made Baba promise to come.

The devotee waited for him on the day. He had told everyone that Baba was coming and he had made special arrangements to welcome him.

In the hustle and bustle of the marriage, a thin beggar, in clothes all tattered and torn, attended the function.

Seeing him, the devotee got angry. Scolding the beggar, he led him by the hand and turned him out. When Baba did not come he became sad at heart.

After the marriage, he went to meet Baba and complained to him because he had not attended the marriage ceremony. Baba smiled and said, "I did come. Holding me by the hand you turned me out."

Realizing that it was Baba in the guise of a beggar, the devotee was very surprised and his heart filled with regret.