As a Stranger

Neeb Karori Baba MaharajjiDevkamta Dixit ji asked Baba about his uncle's idea of holding a bhandara at Chitrakut. Baba gave his consent for this auspicious work and asked him to go with his family Dixit ji asked Baba to grace the occasion with his presence.

Baba agreed and said, "At the end of the bhandara, three saints will come. Receive them well."

The date of the bhandara could not be fixed then, as Baba had asked Dixit ji to go with the family and the family needed to consider. Keeping in mind the children's school holidays, it was decided to hold the function during Navratra.

Dixit ji could not inform Baba of the date as Baba's whereabouts were unknown. So Dixit ji left his brother, Dr. Dixit, at home thinking if Baba arrived there, he could then escort him to Chitrakut.

Since his arrival in Chitrakut, Dixit ji had been helped by an unknown sadhu whom he had met there. The sadhu helped him make arrangements for the bhandara, gave good suggestions and provided all sorts of facilities.

After Vijayadashami (Dussehra), Baba arrived in Kanpur on Ekadashi day and asked Dr Dixit, "Has the bhandara been done?"

Dr Dixit could not give any definite reply and Baba himself said, "It is not done yet. It will be held tomorrow. " The bhandara was held on Dwadshi, the twelfth day Baba arrived there with Dr Dixit in time and, after having prasad, left.

The bhandara lasted until evening. Thousands of holy men had prasad. At about five p.m., the three saints, as mentioned by Baba, arrived. They were well received and fed. Each of them had as much prasad as would satisfy many people.

When the feast ended, Dixit ji's uncle, remembering the services and help of the unknown sadhu, wanted to give him a pullover to protect him against the coming winter.

Devkamta immediately bought a woollen pullover for him, but when he went to give it to the sadhu, he had disappeared. The manager of the dharamsala also did not know about him or where to find him. Who was that sadhu who left quietly after doing so much service?