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Maharajji Speaking, Translation 3

Maharajji - What’s your name? What do you do?

Man - Om Prakash, Delhi. I do a little bit of work.

Maharajji - Feed him. When did you come?

Man - A week ago, staying in Bhowali.

Maharajji - Go and eat.

Recording of Maharajji Speaking #3 - 29 minutes 48 seconds

Another Man - Go and eat.

Maharajji - Arre, why don’t you listen? What do you do?

Man - I deal in cloth.

Maharajji - Ab jao. Now you go. Give him Prasad.

Man - I don’t take Prasad.

Maharajji - Why?

Man - He says, he doesn’t eat, he takes only fruit.

Maharajji - Give him potatoes.

Man - Yes, I am giving.

Maharajji - Take potatoes. He is a foreigner, he is English. Did you come yesterday, or did you came today only? Where did you stay?

Man - Haldwani, I am staying in Haldwani.

Maharajji - Serve him tea.

Another Man - Let’s go, let’s go.

Maharajji - Whom did he meet?

Man - He met me. He said that he is the disciple of Nantin baba, and he stayed in India for 6 years.

Maharajji - I know, he is with him for three years. Did you go to Hariakhan?

Man - Yes, yes.

Maharajji - You don’t know, I know.

Man - I didn’t want to have your darshan.

Maharajji - Then?

Man - I came, I was hungry.

Man - He said that he went to Vrindavan, Hanuman temple, but didn’t get your darshan. He went to Nantin Baba.

Maharajji - Did you get Prasad? Which place do you belong to? Has he gone? That English guy has not come? One from district court?

Man - No Maharaj, he didn’t come. You had stopped him, Maharaj.

Maharajji - No, call him here. He is a good man. Did you sleep there?

Man - No Baba, I slept uphill in Thakur’s village.

Maharajji - In Tamela?

Man - I don’t know Tamela. Village, yes yes, I slept there. Kshatriya village, Thakur’s village.

Maharajji - You have come now, didn’t come in three years?

Man - I didn’t want to have your darshan.

Maharajji – Then?

Man - Then I came, I was hungry.

Another Man - He has not eaten anything since yesterday.

Maharajji - Why?

Man - Perhaps he has malaria, he has fever. He is ill.

Maharajji - Make him sit here and feed him. Give him milk. Arre, get milk and give to this English man. He is hungry. Where are you going? (to another man)

Man - Tell me if you have any work, Maharajji. I will do it.

Maharajji - A clock has to be hung on the wall in the Lakshmi Narayan Temple. (to Dada) Dada, give him a watch, small watch. Where are you going? Did you eat food? Did you give poori to everybody? Did you have breakfast?

Man - No, Baba.

Maharajji - Serve breakfast to him. Serve breakfast to everybody. Give him milk. You haven’t eaten since yesterday? Sit here and eat. He will make poori and feed you.

Maharajji - (to a woman) - What is written here?

Woman - Its in English, Maharajji.

Maharajji - Oh Cloth dealer!

Maharajji - Are you married?

Man - I have two children.

Maharajji - Since how many days have you been in Bhowali?

Man - Seven days, Maharajji.

Maharajji - When will you return?

Man - On Thursday.

Man - He has written that Maharajji is calling him.

Maharajji - You come here every year?

Man - No, I have come after eight years.

Maharajji - Why?

Man - I had land here, my father’s land.

Maharajji - Then?

Man - Somebody has taken that land illegally.

Maharajji - How much land was that?

Man - 350 Nali (measure of land in hills)

Maharajji - You didn’t realize this? You should have lodged a complaint through the forces. Did you file a complaint?

Man - No Maharaj.

Maharajji - Give a complaint to the collector. What was your designation in the forces?

Man - I was an officer in the Navy.

Maharajji - Give a complaint to the collector. Everything will be alright.

Maharajji - Who took over the land?

Man - There’s some one called Jeetnath ji, there.

Maharajji - Where does he belong to?

Man - Bhowali.

Maharajji - Did you file a complaint?

Man - No, Maharajji.

Maharajji - Then forget about it. Leave it to God. Forget about this land.

Man - Alright Maharajji.

Maharajji - Your shop is not doing well? Is it?

Man - I am an employee of a cloth merchant.

Maharajji - How much does he pay you?

Man - 350 rupees.

Maharajji - You are coming today in these seven days. You didn’t come before?

Man - I got to know today only Maharajji.

Maharajji - Who told you?

Man - A Pakistani, he belongs to my village.

Maharajji - Where does he live?

Man - He lives downhill in Kiccha.

Maharajji - Call him. What is he? Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.

Man - Chetan.

Maharajji - Chetan.

Man - Harili Devi used to live here some time ago. Where is she now?

Maharajji - Tell him the whereabouts of Harili Devi. You know her?

Man - Please find out about her. Some pension documents have come for her.

Maharajji - Please find out about her.

Man - I have come here for two days.

Maharajji - Where have you come from? What do you do?

Man - I am a retailer.

Maharajji - Okay, very good. Are you a Sindhi?

Man - Yes, Maharaj.

Maharajji - Did you get Prasad?

Man - Yes, Maharaj.

Man - She is at Binod’s residence.

Maharajji - That lady, Pooran’s, Mukunda’s mayee has come. Feed her, she is sitting there. Dada, feed her.

Dada - Yes Maharajji, I will feed her.

Maharajji - Did you serve her tea?

Dada - Yes, Maharajji, served her tea and breakfast.

Maharajji - Now you are going Maa? Now go, come again. Vakil, now you go. Nantin Baba is Hariakhan’s disciple. He has gone to Hariakhan. He has called him. His wife is also his disciple.

Man - Now he is no more disciples.

Maharajji - Why? Why did you leave him?

Man - He says, Heriyakhan is a fraud sadhu. Is it true?

Maharajji - He says, I don’t know. You go, mother. Come again.

Woman - Alright Maharajji.

Maharajji - You also go, Vakil’s sister.

Woman - Maharajji, when should I come next?

Maharajji - Come over in a week’s time.

Woman - Alright.

Another woman - Maharajji, I am also going.

Maharajji - Yes, you also go beta.

Maharajji - Do you know, an English sadhu lives here along with his wife. Call him here. When will you call him?

Man - I will call him today.

Maharajji - Call him nicely.

Man - Yes, Maharajji.

Maharajji - Pooran’s bahu is here. Feed her.

Man - Right now, she is sitting there and chatting. I will feed her.


Translation by Urvashi. Formatted by Gangaram.

Maharajji Speaking, Translation 2

Maharajji - What temple are you making?

Man - Vaishnavi devi.

Man - They are Brijvasi.

Maharajji - Didn’t like it?

Man - Baba, this is sweets.

Recording of Maharajji Speaking #2 - 14 minutes 42 seconds

Maharajji - Want to talk to you, Mayee maa. You don’t listen to me? You listen to Dwarka? Yours?

Man - Okay.

Maharajji - What are you doing?

Man - I went out.

Maharajji - He is lying, he didn't go anywhere. He is a liar.

Man - I went to office.

Maharajji - You are lying, you are a big liar, go. All of them are rogues. Went to call CID? They will send you away. He doesn't come. They will send him also away. Mayee Maa. No desires are left in old age.

Man - Now there will be no desires, she will stay there only.

Maharajji - Sit here. What’s your name?

Woman - Mayee Maa

Maharajji - How many days did you stay in Nepal?

Woman - Three months.

Maharajji - Then what happened?

Woman - Then I went to Allahabad.

Maharajji - Do you take charas?

Woman - No, not at all.

Maharajji - Why?

Woman - It kicks my mind. I did meditation.

Maharajji - Did darshan? Radha. Do you get angry?

Woman - No.

Maharajji - Will you stay with God? With Ravi Khanna. Stay with that boy. She doesn’t talk to you?

Man - She talks to me.

Maharajji - Sita is very good. Tukaram is very clever.

Man - Did you stay at the Brahmachari’s?

Man - Stayed in a house there.

Maharajji - You stayed in a Nepali house. Was there a Nepali living in the house too? Did you meet lama?

Woman - Met many lamas.

Maharajji - Met a sanyasi? Go, or you will get bored. Mother will stay with you. You live with Meenakshi?

Man - Meenakshi and Mayee Maa and Mausi will stay together in one room.

Man - Kabir Das is asking, if needed, he will vacate the room. Should he vacate the room?

Maharajji - Yes.

Woman - Saraswati.

Maharajji - Mayee Maa is very cunning. Very cunning.

Man - Names will have to be changed?

Maharajji - Yes change the name. Passport numbers also will have to be changed? Does someone even see all this?

Man - We change all their names?

Man - It will have to be changed on the passport also.

Maharajji - You return to temple. You also return. Sita’s house is made?

Maharajji- Mayee Maa. Mayee Maa's visa is made?

Man (to woman)- You got your visa made? Got your visa?

Woman – Yes, made, but only three months visa.

Man- Yes maharajji, made but three months visa only

Maharajji- Why?

Man (to woman)- Why did you only get a three months visa?

Woman – Because they gave me three months visa this time……..(AUDIO NOT VERY CLEAR)

Man- Got visa for three months only this time.

Maharajji (to man)- Ask her to return the visa.

Man (to woman) – You also return Maa ji please.

Maharajji- Return, jao tum.


Translation by Urvashi. Formatted by Gangaram.

Maharajji Speaking, Translation 1

Maharajji - Vegetable will be enough? Will it be enough? You will have to make rice and salad?

Man - I will make.

Maharajji - Prepare it at the backside. There is a burner there too. Make salad for here. Made roti?

Maharajji - you have come - two three days.

Man - Not yet.

Recording of Maharajji Speaking #1 - 28 minutes 55 seconds

Maharajji - Are you earning? Made money? A door was made here. When door will be made here, we will close the window. For flooring.

Man - Yes.

Maharajji - Alright. Meenakshi. Where is Meenakshi’s husband?

Man - He has not come today. He has gone to the bazaar.

Maharajji - Why? Why? Meenakshi. Very beautiful. Why? She is very clever. Where is krishna's sweetheart. At overseer's place.

oh Suzi ?

Maharajji - Did you give them quilt and blankets?

person 1 - No I didn't give.

person 2 - I gave.

Maharajji - Don't give them. They earn 500 bucks monthly. Take them back.

Man - blanket?

Maharajji - To children. She is very good.

Maa - I gave Sita.

Maharajji - What's your name? What's your name? Where has dwarka gone? Why? What?

Man - there.

Maharajji - Meenakshi. You didn't sit with me? Angry with me? Got married? No? Married? Not married? Married? Yeah? Marriage? Which temple? The goddess' Meenakshi temple? No? Did you fight?

Woman - No.

Maharajji - Now you go.

Man - Maharajji, will you drink ?

Maharajji - I just come to meet you. Small temple or big? Marriage? Ravi Khanna is getting married? Meenakshi? What did I explain you?

Woman - He is my son.

Maharajji - Alright. Then give him food. Give money to your son. Give him 50 Rupees. Give him 50.

Woman - I don't have change.

Maharajji - Give 25

Woman - I have 100.

Maharajji - Is he your son? Give him 10 less. Give him 25. Give ten.

Man - She doesn't have.

Maharajji - How much do you have?

Woman - One rupee.

Maharajji - Give him ten more. Two rupees. Ravi? He is a very good boy. What does he do?

Man - He cooks chapatis. He is a cook.

Maharajji - You are her son. You don't keep him with you?

Man - Won’t you keep him with you?

Maharajji - Will you take him with you? No? Take him with you.

Woman - Whatever you say, I will do that.

Maharajji - Mayee Maa. Mayee means?

Man - Radha.

Maharajji - Her husband hasn't got the visa? Got it? Didn't get visa?

Woman - Got it for one year.

Maharajji - You should have taken for five years. Where do you live?

Man - I am Judge, Mathura, Baba.

Maharajji - Is it a holiday today?

Man - I have taken a leave today, Baba, for your darshan.

Maharajji - Why? Get jalebees.

Man - Mother was coming for your darshan, so I brought her here.

Maharajji - Who is this?

Man - This is colonel saaheb, my brother-in-law. He had come for your darshan before too.

Man - He was in Ladakh, now he is in Kashmir.
Maharajji - Quite a few people live in Ladakh. Is this your son? Maa is a great devotee.

Man - All your blessings.

Maharajji - Mother, do you scold your son?

Woman - Now I don't scold him, you had told me not to, that's why. Earlier I used to, now I don’t.

Maharajji - Your son is a gentleman. Does he serve you? Does he serve you feed and do you eat together?

Woman - Yes, he is very good.

Maharajji - Do you sit together and eat?

Man - What will I give her. She is the one who gives me.

Maharajji - Your son is very good. How many sons do you have?

Woman - Seven, Maharaj.

Maharajji - Where are the rest?

Man - One, younger to me is in Nigeria. He is manager of State Trading Corporation. Other sons?

Man - Younger to him is an engineer in Lucknow.

Woman - Sarveshwari Prasad.

Maharajji - You don't go to visit him?

Maharajji - Your daughter-in-law is very clever.

Woman - Yes, I do go. She does not act smart with us though. She may be nasty with her servants.

Maharajji - All your sons are scared of you? The youngest is not scared of you.

Man - He has become an engineer.


Man - In Bhilai.

Maharajji - Is he not scared of you?

Woman - Yes, he is.

Maharajji - No, no. Was Ladakh a nice place ?

Man - Very nice place.

Maharajji - Pakistanis live there in the mountains.

Man - We both are very near. These days he is in Kashmir.

Maharajji -C hinese were also there in Ladakh?

Man - Chinese and Assamese both.

Maharajji - There are many lamas there. What is the name of the chief minister?

Man - Kushag Babula. Now he is no more the chief minister.

Maharajji - Maa is a great devotee. Do you do puja or not?

Woman - Yes Maharajji, a little bit.

Maharajji - Give up anger. Leave everything to God. What is the name of the boy? The eldest one.

Woman - Rameshwari Prasad

Maharajji - Second son?

Woman - Sarweshwari Prasad

Maharajji - Remember God.

Man - She does pooja, Maharajji. She does it at least once in a day, empty stomach in the morning.

Maharajji - You must do it. Will you listen to me? Won't you?

Woman - Why not Maharajji. It is not good to lose temper.

Maharajji - Your son is a gentleman.

Woman - You are praising him, then he must be good.

Maharajji - Give prasad. Give prasad to Maa first. Give prasad to Maa.

Man - Yes, I eat sweets.

Maharajji - Eat less of sweets. You can't do without sweets?

Man - Yes, I must eat sweets after meals.

Maharajji - How old are you?

Man - I am 45.

Maharajji - Take less of sweets now. He doesn't eat roti, he eats sweets.

Woman - Yes, we do eat.

Maharajji - Devotees are very honest. Very honest devotees.

Woman - Yes, we are honest.

Man - I had your darshan in Kanpur also

Maharajji - When ?

Man - in 1964.

Maharajji - Who was the judge then?

Man - that time, I was civil judge. Sehgal Saab was district judge. Yes, he was.

Maharajji - Now he is high court judge.

Man - Shashikant Verma Sahab.

Maharajji - He met me.

Man - Now it is his turn. He will retire in Oct/Nov. Kamlakant Verma was also chief justice.

Maharajji - Charan Singh was against him, in spite of that he became the chief justice.

Man - Must be annoyed because of Charan Singh. Wish to seek your blessings.

Maharajji - Everything will be alright.

Man - Need God's blessings. Yes Maharajji. It’s due time to become distt judge, seek your grace.

Maharajji - Yes, you shall be.

Man - Yes, Johri saaheb comes here.

Maharajji - Yes, he comes to me also.

Maharajji - You should take her to Dwarkadheesh.

Man - As yet, I have not taken her to Dwarkadheesh, I will take her now.

Maharajji - You have not been to Dwarkadheesh, maa?

Man - If you bless me, I will become distt judge.

Maharajji - Yes, you shall be.

Maharajji - How many judges are going?

Man - I don't know about high court. But there may be 15-16 judges in the distt court. Want your blessings to become distt judge

Maharajji - Who is a distt judge?

Man - Distt judge is the in charge of the district Mathura, Agra.

Maharajji - Distt judge hangs people? We meet here only, then we don't meet. What is your name? What do you do?

Boy - My name is Jiten.

Maharajji - What does he do? Which place does he belong to?

Man - He is a gardener.

Maharajji - Maa has become a devotee. You have to go to kanpur also. Mayee Maa. Where did you go? You were running to Kanpur? Kaali Maa. Is he your son? Where is your son?

Man - In Rajasthan.

Translation by Urvashi. Formatted by Jai Ram.

Recordings of Maharajji's Voice

Sri Neem Karoli Baba Sri Neeb Karori Baba MaharajjiMaharajji did not allow anyone to tape record his voice.

These particular recordings were done on three separate occasions in 1973. Two were done in Vrindavan in the March springtime, while the third was made in Kainchi on the 25th of June. I had seen on a few occasions when a tape recorder was introduced in front of him that he immediately demanded its removal.

While staying with Maharajji in Vrindavan that March, I got my hands on a cassette player of the earliest vintage. I decided that I would attempt to record his voice surreptitiously. These three recordings were made "without Baba's permission", and the original copies had an interesting life of their own.