Baba Assures a Long Life

The wife of Thakur Shiv Singh of Ramgarh, Nainital, once met a holy man from the hill region who was known to make true predictions by reading the palm.

When he read Shrimati Singh's palm, he did not say anything.

After much persuasion he told her that she would die in a big hospital within six months.

Despite being young and healthy, his prophecy frightened her.

Thakur, a great devotee of Maharaj, was also worried and went to Kainchi with his wife.

As soon as Baba saw them, he said, "What did the holy man tell you?"

Without waiting for a reply, he said, "That you would die withing six months?"

He repeated it again before all the devotees present and at last said with emphasis, "She won't die earlier than age seventy-five."

The event predicted by the palm reader did not take place.