Baba Keeps His Word to a Child

This event happened during the Second World War. Chandra Shekar Pande, S.D.O, M.E.S, was very worried about his wife. She had fever for a long time and was now so emaciated that she was close to death.

He sent a telegraph to his father-in law, Motiram who lived in Anupshahar. The elderly Motirarn was very disturbed at this news. He went to his Guru, Mauni baba, who was a highly elevated holy man of the time, and asked him, "0 Gurudev, today I beg of you, please, somehow or the other, restore life to my daughter, or end my life also. " Mauni baba remained in a meditative pose for some time and then said, "Only Baba Neeb Karori is capable of restoring life. You pray to him to fulfill your wish."

So, at Anupshahar, Motiram. meditated on Baba and prayed to him.

Meanwhile at Jhansi, Baba arrived at Pande's house and asked, "How is your wife?"

Pande did not know Baba and asked him who he was. Baba replied, "Baba Neeb Karori. " Pande said, "She is lying dead inside. " Baba said, "Will you show her to me?" Pande took Baba inside. Baba looked at her dead body and said, "She is not dead yet. You have some grapes in your house? Fetch them, and a bowl and a spoon. "

Baba extracted some grape juice by pressing the grapes in his hand and poured that juice into her mouth. Her pulse began to beat and in a few moments she opened her eyes. Baba said, "Give her grape juice and milk to drink, she will be cured." Then Baba went away. Pande's wife began to recuperate and she regained her health without any treatment.

It turned out that Baba visited Motiram's house when Pande's wife was six years old. Someone had died in the neighbour's house, and as the child had seen this for the first time, it had shocked her tender heart. At that time Baba very lovingly said to the girl, "Ask whatever you want." She said, "Baba, when I die, bring me back to life."

Baba was committed to his words, but said nothing at the time. Baba kept his promise given to a child.

(Harish Chandra Pande, Raghunandan Pant's house at 105, Allenganj, Allahabad.)

Order: Divine Reality Shri Baba Neeb Karori Ji Maharaj