Baba 'Reserved' Ravi Khanna Before Birth

RAVI KHANNA: After Maharajji passed away, it was in the papers all over India, and my name was mentioned because I was the one with him. My family hadn’t known where I was, because I hadn’t kept in touch with them. They came to get me in Vrindavan, so I went home for a little while.

My father grew up in Lucknow, and I was born there. My mother told me that my father was good friends with the Malhotras in Lucknow, who built the Lucknow temple. Malhotra was the main family that Maharajji used to stay with there. My family wasn’t particularly into Maharajji. My father would go to see him at the Malhotras’ only when he needed some help.

Apparently Maharajji showed up at our house one day, for the first and only time, and said, “Feed me.” People came to visit him, and then he left. At that time my mother was pregnant with me. In a sense, he had gone to my parents’ home and “reserved” me: “This one is mine.” My parents had no connection with Maharajji after that one visit.

Excerpt From: Markus, Parvati. “Love Everyone.” HarperCollinsPublishers
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