Baba's Blessings

The government of Uttar Pradesh under Chandra Bhan Gupta wanted to take over the Barabanki Sugar Mills because of mismanagement. However, the cane growers got their way , and the government gave up its intent. The government appointed Devkamta Dixit ji, one of the mill's directors, as the mill's receiver. Dixit ji had to collect a large sum of money to run the mill.

The Central Bank of Barabanki turned down his application for a loan but advised him to approach the chairman of the bank in Bombay. Dixit ji came to know that the chairman was going abroad in two days time but decided to hurry to Delhi and then take a flight to Bombay to meet him. On his way he thought of receiving Baba's blessings in Vrindavan for success in his efforts.

When he arrived in Vrindavan, the watchman at the ashram told him tha Baba had left two hours earlier. Dixit ji was perturbed at not being able to see him and thought that his efforts with the bank would be in vain. Seeing Dixit ji disappointed, the watchman asked if he had come from Kanpur. The astonished Dixit ji said yes. The watchman informed him that before leaving, Baba had said to him, " A devotee of mine will come from Kanpur. Tell him that his efforts will be successful. He should take prasad from Bihari ji(Krishna, the deity of Vrindavan)."

Bihari ji's temple remains closed during the afternoon, and Dixit ji had to leave for Delhi immediately. There was no possibility of getting prasad at that hour, but he decided to bow at the door of Bihari ji's temple and buy prasad from the market. While he was bowing at the gate of the temple, a man opened the door a little and came out. Dixit ji at once gave him some money as an offering to Bihari ji and asked for some prasad. The man went inside. He came out bringing a basketful of prasad and gave it to him. Dixit ji received it happily and left for Bombay.

When he arrived, Dixit ji called on the chairma at his house in the Malabar Hills, but he was not home. On an impulse he sent the basket of prasad into the house with a message that it was from Bihari ji. On receiving the prasad, the chairman's wife herself came out to meet him. They were a Gujarati family. The lady had been planning for sometime to go to Vrindavan to have Bihari ji's darshan but had not been able to. By getting the prasad at her home, she felt blessed by Bihari ji's grace. She asked Dixit ji to return the following morning. The next day Dixit ji met the chairman, who immediately issued orders to the bank in Barabanki to make funds available to Dixit ji as required. Dixit ji took a  loan of two million rupees and saved the mill from total collapse.