Baba's Benign Nature

Neeb Karori Baba MaharajjiAn old Nepali laborer named Khantia lived in a hut near Kainchi ashram. His two cows were his only property. He had nobody to call his own and was living through his old age alone.

He was unhappy because he had not been able to get rid of poverty all through his life and believed he would not get salvation even after death since there was no one to perform his last rights.

He used to watch the crowd that gathered around Baba at Kainchi.

One day he thought that he could offer milk from his cows to Baba. The next morning he filled a bottle with milk and went to the temple. He wanted to pour milk on Baba's head as is done over a Shivling (a stone symbolising Lord Shiva). However, seeing Baba surrounded by many people, he hesitated and gave up the idea.

He poured the milk into the river on his way out of the temple and returned to his hut.

He tried to do the same thing again on another day. He came to the bridge with the bottle in his hand and from a distance saw Baba surrounded by people as before.

Baba at once told Bhuvan Chandra Tewari to escort the old man carefully over the bridge. As Tewari approached, the old man trembled with fear.Still supporting his bottle in his hand, Tewari helped him over the bridge and brought him to Baba.

As soon as they approached, Baba snatched the bottle from the old man's hand and poured all the milk over his own head. The old man's eyes became wet with tears of love. Dumbfounded, he stared into Baba's face.

Baba asked him, "What do you want?" He asked for salvation. Baba said, "I will get your last rites performed and salvation will be given."

To assure him of his words Baba asked him to shake hands, but he hesitated. Baba instantly took his hand in his own and confirmed his words.

As Lord Krishna was moved by the poverty of Sudama [Sudama, a childhood playmate of Lord Krishna, suffered from poverty until he went to have the Lord's darshan], Baba's eyes filled with tears as he told the devotees about the old man's poverty. "Rain water drips in his hut. He has a dented plate and a broken tumbler. He has no clothes to wear, no bedding to spread for a comfortable night's rest."

After that Baba sent clothes, bedding, utensils, and other things to the old man's hut from the ashram and instructed that food be sent to him from the temple daily.

In the end, when the old man became ill, Baba sent him to Ramsay Hospital in Nainital by car and bore all the costs of his treatment. Baba left Haridas Baba at the hospital to take care of him, and when Khantia died, Baba sent thirteen people to get his last rites performed. He also had the twelfth day rites performed at the ashram according to the custom in the hills.