Baba's Central Jail

The watchman at Vrindavan ashram was making money on the sly by selling bags of cement while the ashram was under construction.

Baba, knowing all, feigned ignorance, but when someone made a complaint to him, he called the watchman and asked him, "How much have you sold the cement for?"

He replied, "Two hundred and fifty rupees."

Giving him two hundred and fifty rupees more, Baba turned him out of the ashram.

The man became jobless, and after wandering here and there for some time, he returned to Baba. He apologised with a heavy heart for his misdeeds and asked Baba to take him back into his service. Baba appointed him watchman at Sankat Mochan Hanuman temple in Lucknow.

The manager at the temple was his devotee Bhushan Chandra Joshi, the former superintendent of Central Jail in Agra. Baba told people that he sent the watchman to Central Jail.