Baba's Saving Grace

Neeb Karori Baba MaharajjiSuraj Narayan Mehrotra's son fell from the upper storey of their house in Lucknow. He was badly hurt with severe internal injuries.

The doctors treated him as best as they could but his condition deteriorated.

Shrimati Mehrotra was worried. She remembered Baba.

At that time Baba was at Church Lane, Allahabad, and they were busy preparing his meal.

Baba suddenly got up and wanted to leave. Despite the earnest request of the householders, Baba would not stay for his food.

He said, "The condition of my son is bad. I am not going to have my food now. " He went out alone and in an instant arrived at Mehrotra's house in Lucknow. Baba asked for milk. He drank some himself and gave the remaining milk to the boy to drink.

Soon the boy's condition showed improvement and he eventually regained his health.