Doesn't Want to Meet

Neem Karoli Baba MaharajjiKaranvir Singh told me that one day Baba was at his house talking with them.

All of a sudden he got up and said, "I am leaving."

When he was asked why and where he was going, Baba replied, "Some people are coming. I don't want to meet them." He then went out.

By the time Karanvir Singh got up from his chair and reached his lawn, Baba was not to be seen anywhere. He had disappeared into thin air.

Karanvir Singh was surprised at his sudden disappearance, but he did not pay any attention to that incident.

A short time later, five people called at the house asking for Baba. Learning from Karanvir Singh that he had just left they were disappointed and went away.

Karanvir Singh also said that he had witnessed many similar incidents but never thought of them as miracles.

(Karanvir Singh, son of Thakur Mahavir Singh, 100 Shazadi Mandi, Agra.]