Don't Go

Neem Karoli Baba MaharajjiWhen Maharaj-ji had drawn anyone to him, he cared for and protected that person. He would provide whatever was needed.

Whether you took it or not, that was up to you. Occasionally, however, he did force.

One winter, a relation of Dharm Narayan Sharma came to Allahabad to see Babaji.

That evening this man was to go to Calcutta for a job interview with the railway board. He was seeking Maharaj-ji’s ashirbad so that he would be successful.

When he was to leave, Babaji said, "Don't go"

 The man said, "No, Baba, I must go. "

But Babaji was insistent. They argued, but ultimately the man had to give it up.

He said to me, "Dada, I came to him for his ashirbad, so I could get that job. Now he has stopped me. " He was very bitter.

The next morning the man ran into the house, shouting, "Dada, see how Babaji has saved my life!"

The newspaper had come and he learned that there had been a very serious accident at the Mogul Serai railway station.

Two trains had collided and about two hundred persons had died. One of the bogies that was smashed was the bogie in which he would have been travelling.

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