Dr. Bhonsle

Neeb Karori Baba MaharajjiDr. Bhonsle, who was renowned for the treatment of incurable diseases by massage, was involved in a political movement during the struggle for India's independence and had to go underground.

While the police were searching for him, he took shelter in a dharamshala (rest house for people on pilgrimage) in Rishikesh and had to remain there without food for several days.

All of a sudden Baba came and as if he knew him very well, said, "Oh, you are famished. You haven't had food for several days. Come."

He took him into an adjoining room where a plate of food was already set out. When Bhonsle finished eating, Baba said to him, "You run away from here now. The police are coming after you." Baba then asked him, "Where will you go?" and without waiting for a reply, he said, "Go straight to Tibet, crossing the Himalayas."

Following Baba's advice, Bhonsle went to Tibet and stayed there  a free man for many years. later, when the political climate changed, he returned to India.

One day after his return Dr. Bhonsle went to former member of parliament Shiv Narain Tandon's home in Kanpur to treat Tandon's nephew. Seeing Baba's photograph there, he started talking about him.

When Tandon told him that Baba was in Lucknow, staying at the home of Suraj Narayan Mehrotra ji, Dr. Bhonsle left immediately. He arrived at Mehrotra's house at about 8 p.m. and had Baba's darshan. Taking Baba's feet in his hands, he massaged them for a long time while narrating the experiences he had had twenty years before.