Driver Desired Hanumanji's Darshan

Neeb Karori Baba MaharajjiOnce Babaji went to Hanuman temple, Lucknow by Kehar Singh's car.

Umadatta Shukla also was with them.

Babaji went into the temple and facing Hanumanji sat by the fence on the road-side.

The driver also desired to have Hanumanji's darshan. Therefore, he locked the car and went into the temple by the bridge at the side of the road.

When Shuklaji saw him he came running and met him half-way on the bridge and jostled him out.

The Supreme Being' Babaji, though He had His back towards them saw all this. He came running and set the driver free with such force that Umadatta could not bear the push and fell on one side.

Admonishing Shuklaji He asked, "Who are you to stop him? Do you think I have built this temple for you? It has been built for them (low castes, poor, miserable and afflicted)".

Saying so He took that Koiri (a low caste), holding him by the hand, to Hanumanji and bending His head made him to pranaam Hanumanji.

Kehar Singhji was an eye-witness to this incident.