Favors to Rani Bhadri

When my late husband, Raja Bhadri, went to Pantnagar University as its vice chancellor, I went with him.

During our stay there my mother became seriously ill. I was crying in distress when Baba arrived and relieved me of my worry by saying, "Don't cry, your mother will be alright."

Similarly, in 1964, when my daughter Alka was getting married, I was having some problems.

Without any warning, Maharaj, the worthy of worship, arrived at my house in Lucknow, blessed my daughter, and then went away. All my difficulties disappeared by themselves, and the marriage was solemnised easily, without any further problems.

Later, in 1968, my daughter Alka was in the middle of a difficult labor.

We were all very worried, for the doctors were helpless and could not assure us of her safety if she had to undergo a caesarean birth.

Just then the adorable Maharaj arrived and went straight into Alka's room and sat there. By way of a blessing, he gave her a flower, consoled her, and went away. After that everything became normal, and she gave birth to a son.

-Rani Bhadri