From Gurudat Sharma

Neeb Karori Baba Maharajji"Maharaj-ji was very much in motion. Before the ashrams were built He traveled very much. And when He stayed in houses He would frequently change the room in which He resided. And even when He stayed in the same room He would often change His position where He stayed (and slept) in the room."

Maharaj-ji and Gurudat Sharma were in Bhumiadhar and they were staying at the ashram there. A group of local Ma's were in the habit of doing aarti to Maharaj-ji at the ashram each day.

But today Maharaj-ji was not at the ashram. He was with Gurudat a couple of kilometers away sitting by the side of the road.

After a while, the Ma's heard about Baba-ji's location and came and wanted to do aarti to Baba-ji right there by the side of the road. He would not allow this and sent them away again and again. Maharaj-ji said it wasn't right that they be would be doing aarti is this fashion right there on the road. Still they came back again..., and again. Gurudat told Maharaj-ji that the he didn't think that these Ma's were going to go away until they had done aarti to Him, as was their practice. Maharaj-ji relented and the Ma's were very happy. They had no matches to light the buti for the aarti lamp. They asked Gurudat, who replied that he did not smoke, so he had no matches. What could be done? Finally Maharaj-ji, took the buti in His hand, held His hand high in the air and in thirty second or so the buti was aflame. Thus these Ma's were able to do aarti to Maharaj-ji.

Maharaj-ji was riding in the back seat of the car. Gurudat was riding beside Him. There was a driver in the front and also another man. Sharma-ji is a very proper Brahman. He always does his practice in silence. However, this time he suddenly began to sing "Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram" very loudly with his voice. Maharaj-ji immediately yelled at him saying "Do your practice in silence." Gurudat claimed that Maharaj-ji had caused him to sing like that so that He could give instruction to the passenger in the front of the car. Thus Maharaj-ji was able to instruct this man through a little drama.

Maharaj-ji did not do miracles for show. He did miracles always as a matter of course. Maharaj-ji was traveling with four men. They were going to a house where they expected perhaps three people to be waiting. Two of the men bought eight oranges which they carried to the home. When they all got there, it was discovered that twelve persons were waiting at the house. When the oranges were distributed, everyone received an orange. Only the two men who bought the oranges knew of Maharaj-ji's miracle and He would not let them say anything.

Maharaj-ji told Gurudat: "Even if you have lakhs (hundreds of thousands) of people as supporters, as followers, and as attendents always at your command, you must personally attend to:
Khati* (kay-tee) - cultivation,
Pati* (pa-tee) - writing letters,
Binti* (bin-tee)(or vin-tee) - worship,
Ghorey Katang* - The tying of the saddle on the back of the horse."
(* Sanskrit)

Dharma incorporates all good things into itself. It protects you only if you protect it. Not religious - Dharma is more than that. Dharma incorporates all of the good things an individual must do for himself and others. To do good for others is the best of dharma. To inflict (pain or injury) on others is most heinous act against dharma Ahar* - food,
Nitra* - sleep,
Bhaya* - fear,
Methun* - Sex.
These are all common in human beings and beasts.
Only dharma seperates human beings from animals.

Regarding satsang and regarding ashram management:
"Integration - cooperation in all things is good.
Disintegration - with no cooperation things fall apart.
Without integration, you don't deserve the Guru's grace."

Maharaj-ji joed (sent away) many people. VIPs would come and get their ladhus and they would want to remain with Maharaj-ji. But Maharaj-ji would snap His fingers and point for them to go. If they hesitated for even one second, He repeated the command in a stronger way. This happened even with VVVVIPs. Maharaj-ji didn't care if you were rich or famous.

If you came to Maharaj-ji with an objective, He would not accept you. But if you were innocent and open and loving, He took you right in.

If you invited Maharaj-ji to come to your home He might come, but not in His usual form. A man invited Maharaj-ji to a big party and Maharaj-ji did not attend. When the man saw Maharaj-ji again he said, "Maharaj-ji, why did you not come to my party?" Maharaj-ji said, "I did. I came as the dog. Why did to chase me away and turn me out of your home." Then the man remembered that, on the night of the party, a dog had entered the yard and he had angrily chased it away with a stick. You never know what form Maharaj-ji will take when He visits you.

A man was having the darshan of Maharaj-ji. Maharaj-ji gave this man a very big case of puris. Something like thirty six puris in that package. The man was trying to refuse so much prasad because he was traveling by train and with his other baggage it would be very difficult. Still, Maharaj-ji persisted and the man took the puris. Riding on the train the man felt the train begin to slow a little and at the same time he began to notice an elephant in the distance running toward the train. As the train continued to slow the elephant continued to run at the train. When the train finally stopped the elephant came directly to the window. The man fed all the puris to the elephant.

Gurudat Sharma said he was walking across the back compound in Vrindaban. Maharaj-ji was sitting with another man. The man asked Maharaj-ji how long He'd known Gurudat. Maharaj-ji said "Lifetimes." The man said, "No. How can that be?" Maharaj-ji called Gurudat over and asked him,"How long have we know each others?" Gurudat replied "Lifetimes." although he didn't actually intend to say that.

Maharaj-ji was living in a forest in Bihar. There was a report among the local people that Maharaj-ji had a lot of guns and ammunition there. When the police went there to investigate, they found only big bundles of sticks.

as told to Jai Ram