From Usha Bahadur

Neeb Karori Baba MaharajjiSome people came with an objective or an attachment.

One very rich woman came to Maharaj-ji with a big box of sweets for Maharaj-ji. She wanted to take the sweets for herself and her friends outside. She held out the box to Maharaj-ji so that when he touched it the sweets would become prasad.

Maharaj-ji took the box and the woman would not let go. She held on and tried to pull them away from Maharaj-ji. But he pulled them back and then the woman pulled again. This happened again. Back and forth.

Then Maharaj-ji pulled so hard that He got the box away from the woman. Then Maharaj-ji said, "You can go now."

The woman was so sad. Maharaj-ji started to distribute the sweets, but Usha said,"Maharaj-ji, You can't do this. This woman will have a heart attack before she leaves and who will pick up her body?" So Maharaj-ji and Usha watched "as the woman left the ashram and walked to her car. When she got in the car and had driven away, only then did Maharaj-ji distribute the prasad." They laughed and laughed so much.

"Some young people were at Kainchi Ashram fooling around and talking loudly about their own things and interests..., their own business. Maharaj-ji stormed out of His room yelling at them and chased them right out of the ashram. They ran out of the ashram and Maharaj-ji ran right after them yelling all the while. Even right across the bridge, He chased them. Maharaj-ji said the ashram is not a place for the worldly thoughts. That the ashram was a place where your heart and your thoughts were able to become one. That to go and stay at an ashram for a year was a way to 'recharge you batteries' and that after that you could go back into the world and do your work again, in the right way. This is why Maharaj-ji had many rules and inforced these rules very strongly."

"A man was sitting with Maharaj-ji. Maharaj-ji didn't give him prasad. The man said, "Maharaj-ji, you haven't given me anything." Maharaj-ji said, "I have given you darshan. Isn't that enough?"

"So many people were amazed that Maharaj-ji would already know the names of so many people who came to see Him. When the devotees asked Maharaj-ji why He could know their names, He said, "What? Do you not know your children's names? The whole world are my children so I know their names. Do you think that because you have not seen your child in forty years, you forget their name? You have four children and you remember their names. I have millions and millions of children and I remember all of their names."

Shortly before Maharaj-ji left His body, He said to Usha,"Soon I will get a new body. This body has become very old." Usha laughed. She said that it never occured to her that Maharaj-ji would actually leave the body.

as told to Jai Ram