God Came And Sat In My Heart

Maharajji Neem Karoli BabaMay 1958, home of Chandra Lal Sah, Nainital

In the morning at 4 a.m., the ladies started doing Aarti of Babaji. My uncle [Puran Da("Kaka")] woke me up. For a young man of 18 years, it was not a very pleasant idea. Without showing [it] outwardly, I grudgingly got up and went near him. Someone put the Aarti in my hand and I waved as everyone was doing. I did my turn and passed on to others. I sat down a little distance from him. His face was radiating [a] divine glow, happy and loving. You did not feel like taking your eyes off his face.

When the Aarti ceremony was over, Baba looked at me and beckoned me. I got up, went and sat near him. Baba said, "This boy is thinking that Baba is neither speaking to me nor he is letting me go." With this, he gave me a firm and loud pat on the back of my head.

What happened to me next were simultaneous and series of emotional explosions. I started shedding silent tears in streams, wrenching in the heart which was incredibly delicious - total quiet mind and thoughtless realization in the giant void created in the ethereal presence of the Master. There was no need of a Guru - God came and sat in my heart, pervaded every fiber and cell of my being. All divine incarnations, all prayers or incarnations ever made in any religion or any language, were just encapsulated in that pat at 4 a.m. and the chip that was implanted at that moment finished all the duality I might have had, to undergo at various stages of my spiritual journey.

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