Grace Unasked

Baba was sitting in a house in Nazarbag, Lucknow, where a large crowd of devotees had gathered outside.

Suddenly Baba asked Pooran Chandra Pande to call a rickshaw to go to someone's house in Mahanagar, even though there was a car standing outside.

When the rickshaw arrived, Baba got in and took Pande with him. On the way Baba addressed the rickshaw puller, who he had not met before, saying, "Rahim, is your wife very ill?"

He replied that she was seriously ill.

Baba very politely said, "Come, take us to your house."

Rahim took them to his house. Baba glanced at the patient and said, "Don't worry, she will be alright."

Baba then returned to the house in Nazarbag.