Guidelines for Visitors to Maharajji's Ashrams


This ashram was set up by Sri Sri Param Pujya Maharaj-ji to give his devotees a place where they can seek spiritual upliftment in a troubled world. This place is intended to be a place of perennial bliss, All those who stay here can contribute to this by letting themselves (be) guided by the following rules.

Ashram inmates should get up early, with sufficient time in hand to quickly go through their morning routines for participating in the daily programmes for the ashram.

Please attend without fail the arti-prayer and routine of the ashram

Please Do Not use intoxicants inside the ashram premises. Also do not hear to or sing film songs etc. or indulge in card games and the like. The ashram should not give the impression of a tourist resort.

Everyone is duty bound to pay specific attention to cleanliness, purity and peace of the ashram.

Clean your room yourself.

(I) Morning and evening meals should be had at the alloted hours on the ringing of the bell for the purpose. (II) Tea is served at the following hours: morning before and after arti. Evening 4 and 5 PM. Please note timings and cooperate.

Please maintain well, the ashram things supplied to you and return them duly cleaned, to the right person before leaving the ashram. It is your responsibility to take care to them, therefore. Keep your room locked whenever you go out.

Do not engage ashram workers for personal work. This hinders the smooth performance of ashram duties by them.

Make best of the time and do not waste it in gossip. You are advised to utilize your time in the service of the ashram or in prayer, kirtan or in talks about Maharajji's lilas.

Please follow these instructions carefully. It is in our own interest to abide by these with a sense of responsibility born of our devotion to Sri Sri Maharaj