Half-Naked Sadhu in the 1st Class Compartment

Young Maharajji"In His fancy, a young 'yogi' carrying a chimta (a pair of tongs) and a 'kamandal' in his hand boarded a first class compartment of the Tundla bound train at Farrukhadab station. The train had gone a few miles when an Anglo Indian, T. T. E. came to check tickets and was taken aback to see a half-naked sadhu in the first class compartment. On demanding the ticket and getting a negative reply, he lost his temper and ungraciously compelled the sadhu to get down at the next Neebkarori halt.

The sadhu quietly sat under the tree and dug the pair of tongs in the earth. The train got the green light signal to leave. The engine was started, but the train did not move further. The steam was applied with full force, but the wheels turned round and round at their place. The engine was checked throughly and everything was found in order.

Being worried the European guard came to the driver and asked him what the matter was. The driver could not point out any fault. Nothing was found. Despite all efforts the engine would not budge. By now it was time for some other trains to pass by on that track.

Eventually some Indian travellers suggested to those foreign authorities to request the sadhu Maharaj to board the train and then only it would move. They fretted and fumed and at last decided to try allowing the sadhu to travel by train. They went to Babaji, apologized and requested Him to board the train. The jovial Baba said "if you say so, I will oblige you." As soon as Babaji entered the compartment, the train started moving.

"And on account of that incident, the village of Neebkarori, one of many insignificant villages of India, became famous in no time.

"After having stayed for a long time in this village when the above-mentioned Baba Lakshamandas left it; he bore the name Baba Neebkarori or Baba Neemkaroli.

"After the incident each and every train passing by that village stopped there for one or two minutes. The residents also travelled to Farrukhabad by train (even without ticket). In due course of time, Neebkarori station was also built. Now right in the center of the village a flag station named Lakshamanadas Puri has been made. This is only one among many wonderful lilas of Babaji.

"In Uttarakand, instead of Baba Neebkarori, Maharajji is addressed as 'Neemkarori wale Baba' or Baba Neemkaroli. But being indifferent to his fame, Babaji never tried to get this distorted form of His name corrected. Afterwards, many people began addressing him mostly, as Neemkaroli Baba or Babaji or Maharajji..."

From Introduction of "Prema Vatar" by P. C. Josi 'Mukunda' - Kainchi Dham.