Handwritten: Maharajji's "Fun" Note to Suraj

In April 2017 we uncovered two notes written by Maharajji's hand. Other than Maharajji's Rams and one signature, this is the first time that a note written in Maharajji's handwriting has been posted on maharajji.com.

The upper note (faded) includes the names Prem Lal and Vasant Lal Sahu. The text on the right side is clearly Maharajji's handwritten Ram japa. The text on the left side has not been translated.

The lower note is translated as follows:

"Babaji's blessings for Suraj.
You will have fun.
Your boys will have fun.
One boy sends application.
Get him a job.
[Signed] Baba Neeb Karori."

**Both of these images were "lost" when maharajji.com went offline in 2018.  If you happen to have a copy, please contact our webmaster at info@maharajji.love