Hanuman Temple at Panaki, Kanpur

Neeb Karori Baba MaharajjiMaharajji wanted that along with the installation of Hanumanji in Panaki temple at Kanpur, a grand bhandara be arranged so that a large number of devotees may partake prasad.

But the management arranged food for a limited number of devotees. But it was Maharaji's lila.

According to the organizers, without anyone knowing the things in the bhandara increased so much (even the vegetable oil changed to pure ghee) that after thousands of people had taken prasad, the unused edibles were left in large quantity and the bhandara continued for two days more.

This was not a bhandara of the management and organizers, but was run by Babaji's will power.

Babaji did not attend the installation ceremony and had shut himself in a room in Allahabad instead, but many eye- witnesses say that he was seen near the temple supervising the arrangements; he even talked to many devotees.

Babaji Maharaj fulfilled the wishes of the suppliants by his divine powers and is still doing so as before; only faith is expected.