Helper of the Helpless

This event happened in 1951, in Haldwani. The young wife of Pooran Chandra Joshi, an employee of the Forest Dept., UP, had an attack of paralysis. Her face was distorted and her complexion became pale. Her eyesight became blurred.

Leaving her in this pitiable condition her husband had to go out of station.

On his return, her condition worsened. Joshi consulted a doctor who advised him to take her to Lucknow or any other big town, to get her treated.

This treatment would be expensive and was beyond Joshi's means.

They remembered Maharaj in a state of helplessness and then both of them fell asleep.

Baba gave them darshan in a dream and her condition then improved.

Some days later Baba himself came to their house and asked her, "Daughter-in-law, what happened to you?"

He looked at her kindly. Putting one of his palms on her head and the other under her chin, he gave a jerk and set her face right.

The loveliness of her face was also restored.

Order: Divine Reality Shri Baba Neeb Karori Ji Maharaj