His Kindness to Joshi

Neem Karoli Baba MaharajjiKailash Chandra Joshi worked in the Loretto Convent in Lucknow.

When Birla Vidyamandir was established in Nainital, Joshi followed Baba's instructions and went there to work. However, he had to take sick leave for nearly a year because he suffered from ill health, which did not improve even after treatment.

In the end he went to Dr. Khajan Chand, a TB specialist based in Bhowali. After a thorough examination, the doctor told him that the disease had so affected both his lungs that it was incurable.

  Joshi was in a desperate and depressed mental state when one day he had Baba's darshan. He told him about the situation and that his services in school would be terminated.

At this Baba said, "Nobody can terminate your services. If you yourself leave it, that's another matter."

About his disease Baba said, "You have faith in an injection worth fifty rupees and not in a medicine costing two paise. Go to Bindki Road near Kanpur. There you will meet a vaidya turned sadhu. Have his treatment. Take your utensils with you. He will give you food to eat as well."

Following Baba's instructions, Joshi went to Bindki Road.

He saw the physician that Baba had told him about, who diagnosed him with liver disease and did not place any importance on the x-rays. He asked him to take a particular medicine with some powdered pipal (an Indian herb) mixed in his milk.

Joshi had no faith in the physician's diagnosis or his medicine. However, after a few days of this treatment he regained his health.

He went for a check-up at Lucknow Medical College and was declared fit. Back in Bhowali, Dr. Khajan Chand was surprised to see him in good health. What Baba said in relation to the termination of his services at school also proved correct. Joshi passed the age of seventy-five after Baba's Mahasamadhi and still did not retire.