Hanuman of Taos

When Baba's moorti was consecrated at kainchi in the month of June 1976, Ram Dass (to me Baba ram Dass Aka Dr Richard Alpert) visited kainchi the same year in autumn month. He was introduced to me by Mr K K Sah, a great devotee of Baba and personal friend of Ram Dass. Ram Dass wanted my help towards getting one Hanuman moorti made from Taos temple. I agreed. He had a wonderful concept of the Hanuman statue. I accompanied Ram Dass entourage, consisting of Mr K K Sah, Chaitanya of the USA, from Vrindavan to Jaipur.

We reached Jaipur late in the evening and met the sculptor next morning. The concept of Flying Hanuman with Ram's Ring in his hand going to Sita with Ram's message was a brilliant one and a real turn on. We agreed on a token advance  and same was paid for a plaster of paris replica. We were supposed to be back at Jaipur in ten days to approve the sample moorti carved out in plaster of paris.

Next few days in Ram Dass' Company were spent in sharing with him the leelas of Baba and my experiences. Some of the experiences discussed in this book thus have also been narrated in 'Miracle of Love' by Ram Dass.

I Do Not Do Anything, God Does It

Whenever people thanked Baba for his act of grace, he would say, "I do not do anything, it is god who does it". Some one who was truly humble and egoless enough to say, "I do not do anything only Baba does" could only take up the hot seat and carry on the good work. Baba would often say that following the spiritual path was like "walking on a sword's edge" and such person had to face hardships, humiliation, and criticism and yet carry on with the mission of singing the Lord's glory.

In the summer of 1958, Baba initiated me at Allahabad and promised to continue the relationship. Same year. Ma along with her family came to Allahabad during winters, for a prolonged stay. The moment I met her, I became an instant son to her.

God Came And Sat In My Heart

Maharajji Neem Karoli BabaMay 1958, home of Chandra Lal Sah, Nainital

In the morning at 4 a.m., the ladies started doing Aarti of Babaji. My uncle [Puran Da("Kaka")] woke me up. For a young man of 18 years, it was not a very pleasant idea. Without showing [it] outwardly, I grudgingly got up and went near him. Someone put the Aarti in my hand and I waved as everyone was doing. I did my turn and passed on to others. I sat down a little distance from him. His face was radiating [a] divine glow, happy and loving. You did not feel like taking your eyes off his face.

When the Aarti ceremony was over, Baba looked at me and beckoned me. I got up, went and sat near him. Baba said, "This boy is thinking that Baba is neither speaking to me nor he is letting me go." With this, he gave me a firm and loud pat on the back of my head.

The Grand Unification

It happens to rare few. It is when you meet a master who apparently does not alter any thing physically, but a chemistry develops with him and all your duality disappears.

From there on, you have a lighthouse to guide you through the rigmaroles, jerks, jolts, bumps, and grinds of life. These oddities do not break you; instead, you get seasoned, toughened and yet remain tender and caring, without collecting bitterness on life's journey.

Duality is seeing two alternatives to all actions. when his grace descends, you have no hesitation in choosing your options. Such master gives you the anchoring you call faith.