I Was Like His Personal Assistant

RAVI KHANNA: We were in Vrindavan; then he closed the place down for a while to the Westerners. Indian families would come. They would get announced, they’d be let in, and then the doors would close again. We would come every day, hang out there for three or four hours, and then go back to Jaipuria Bhavan.

When Krishna Priya jumped over the wall, we got thrown out even farther from the ashram. Then one day this Indian family came, the chaukidar opened the door to let them in, and I stuck my foot in the door. I said, “I am not going to let you close the door until you at least tell him we’re here.” After a while he had stopped announcing us. I said, “You have to tell him we are here.” He wouldn’t, and I kept insisting. Then he opened the door and pushed me. I fell back. He closed the door and told Maharajji that I was causing trouble.

Maharajji called for me. He said, “Wasn’t it your fault?

“Yes, Maharajji.”

Then he called the chaukidar over and said, “This is my son. Don’t ever stop him from coming.

That was it. This changed our relationship. From then on I was like his personal assistant. I had access. Everyone was sent away, and I would be there with him. I got to travel with him. It was incredible. A few weeks later he invited me to come stay in the ashram. After Maharajji went back inside for the evening, everyone would fall into gossip about who was doing what, and I was really not interested in that kind of stuff. It was just Maharajji. That was all I was interested in.

Excerpt From: Markus, Parvati. “Love Everyone.” HarperCollinsPublishers.
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