Insanity Cured

The officer in charge of Banda's main police station ate something given to him by someone that made him insane.

The boy's father was worried and sad, for no treatment proved effective.

Impressed by the fame of an ayurvedic physician in Firozabad, he took his son to Radhay Shyam's house and called the doctor.

After much deliberation the physician gave him a medicine and said that if there was no change in his condition after three months of taking it, he would have to be admitted to a mental hospital.

During this period Maharaj arrived, and Radhay Shyam asked him to cure the police officer.

Baba put his hand on the boy's head, looked at him in a normal way, and did not say anything.

It was by Baba's divine glance and touch that the boy became normal by the time he woke up the next morning.